I can't ask for anything more. Callaway has been able to not only meet but supersede my expectations and wishes when it comes to my equipment. My clubs are my tools. Obviously I take pride in my job but just as important is the pride that Callaway's staff take in their jobs. The tour team are always there when I need them. If you have not yet tried Callaway balls and clubs please do. I will go as far as promising you that your game will be elevated to new heights. That's what Callaway has done for me. And there is more to come…

Here is what Callaway has to say about me:

"Alvaro Quiros is Callaway personified. Passion coud quite possibly be his middle name. Together Callaway and Alvaro are pushing the boundaries for what is possible. Alvaro has very different specs than most any other golfer but uses exactly the same technology. This is yet another great reason for us to cooperate since Callaway's mission and vision remains the same: "We passionately pursue advanced, innovative technologies that help golfers of all abilities find more enjoyment from the game." Alvaro literally is a driving force for the game as a whole and we are proud of the relationship we have enjoyed since 2008."

- Peter Harrision, Head of Tour Operations, Europe.

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