My story

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Hello, I am Alvaro, this is my story.

By the age of nine, my father introduced me to the game of golf. It was exciting and I used to spend many weekends outside of home, playing and having a good fun. When I was in my early teens it was a toss up between golf and my other passion, football. But when I had to decide, my father persuaded me to concentrate on my golf. 

I’ve always known that in order to become great at something you have to be ambitious and love what you’re doing. So, from that day, I decided to work hard and give 100 % in order to become a professional golfer. 

By the age of 18 I had a handicap of +1 and won a scholarship to go to the Joaquin Blume Centre for High Performance in Madrid, where future top Spanish sport stars go to study. I studied hard but never forgot my promise to myself; never stop smiling. Sometimes you miss, but then you just have to tell yourself “hey, I’m not going to do that again” and remember that the next shot you take could be the best of your life.

During my studies I was selected for the Spanish under 21-golf team and we won the European Masters title. It felt like it was my first major step towards becoming a professional golfer, but at the same time I knew that I had to keep getting better.

In May 2006 I was invited to play in a Challenge Tour event. I won and got a chance to play on the Challenge Tour for the rest of that year. I finished 18th, which gave me certain playing rights on the European Tour. I was not satisfied with this and knew that I had do a lot better. 

Golf is an individual sport, which means that if you’re playing bad, the score is bad. If you’re playing good, the score is good. It’s not like football where your team can cover for you if you’re having a bad day. Knowing this, I returned to school where I managed to improve my ranking and obtain a better category position.

I got off to a flying start on the European Tour in December 2006 by winning the Dunhill Championship. 2007 proved to be a difficult year since an injury left me unable to play from May to October. During that time my will was really put to the test and I had to remind myself of what keeps me going; always doing my best and trying to have fun. 

In 2008 I won the Portugal Masters and in 2009 I won in Qatar. The year after, I finished second. In May 2010 I became the fourth Spaniard since 1972 to win the Open de España.

In 2011 I won two tournaments, both in Dubai, the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and the season finale Dubai World Championship.

I’m passionate about my golf and really enjoy having the opportunity to travel the world while playing golf with people who have become my close friends. I am lucky that my father convinced me to focus on my golf – in hindsight you could say that it was a very wise decision. 
I’m hoping that, in the future, I will be remembered as a long-hitting champion with many titles. But I also wish that people will see me for what is even more important – to be a good and fair human being.

My wish is that this site will give you an opportunity to get to know me a bit better and to keep up to speed with how my game is going.