My Lifestyle

Atletico Madrid, cars and James Bond

I'm an Atletico Madrid supporter, which goes against the majority of my colleagues who are Real Madrid fans. At home, all the members of my family except my brother (our family’s black sheep), are Atletico Madrid fans. I have supported them since childhood, but I have to admit that a piece of me also belong with Cadiz because it's my native county's club.

Thankfully, I’m not the only sportsman to cheer for Atletico. Jorge Garbajosa, Alvaro Bautista and Carlos Jimenez, amongst others, have also admitted to being Atletico supporters. Being an Atletico fan is something unique for us. The love we feel for our team is undoubtedly the strongest in Spain. For me, this hobby is one of the best things that I know of. Atletico will always be able to count on us; we will be there whether they lose or win.

I have always loved driving cars and I follow both Formula I and rally driving. My passion for this probably started when I grew up, with Carlos Sainz´s victories in the World Rally Driving Championships. My own driving is confined to my BMW, a car and a brand I adore. Getting behind the wheel of a Beemer is a pleasure and I feel that it is more than just a car. I’d even go as far as to say that our own personalities are rather alike - it’s powerful and yet responsive to its surroundings, and as the advertising says "It’s for great drivers!".

Motor racing is not the only sport I take an interest in, apart from football and golf. When I was living at Joaquin Blume in Madrid I was privileged to witness, at first hand, the effort and training that my fellow students had to put in to their various sports in order to become world class athletes. As a result I have a huge passion for the majority of sports splayed in Spain, such as tennis, field hockey and basket ball, to name a few.

Another passion of mine is James Bond. I have watched all of the Bond movies several times. I can’t wait for the next one.