Puma is about style and performance, so it is easy to see why it is a perfect fit for me. My appearance is important and with Puma I love the fact that I can combine function and fashion. Puma also have a wide range of clothes that fits my style outside the golf course as well. I can wear my Puma clothes in almost any situation. And, last but not least, I solemnly swear by Puma’s belief in ”Look better - Feel better - Play better".

Here is what Puma has to say about me:

“Alvaro is a perfect fit for PUMA Golf, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our PUMA family. He has a unique blend of world class performance combined with a style and swagger that truly sets him apart on and off the course. We are confident in our future together and continue to be excited about having him on our team. At PUMA Golf, our motto is to Look Better. Feel Better. Play Better, and we know that Alvaro will be a true representation of that, continuing to bring passion, talent and style to the course.”
Bob Philion, President & CEO COBRA PUMA GOLF.

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